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          FT-140 medical anticollision armrest

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          FT-140 medical anticollision armrest

          • category:Anti-collision armrest series

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          • Release date:2018/02/08
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          Detailed introduction

          First of all, the good quality of basic medical handrails is adopted with manufacturing antibacterial plastic or synthetic plastic, color can be determined according to different places, there are red, yellow, blue and other colors, so that the elderly and disabled easy to see the armrest position, but also play a decorative role.

          Second, the appearance of the medical anti-collision handrail is not connected by the gap, can not carry the rough edge of the plastic edge of the hand, otherwise it will affect the grasp of the feel of the hand.

          Third, the wall thickness of the stainless steel tube should be above 2mm at least, and the vertical pressure of the people who have reached the weight of 75kg will not produce bending and deformation.

          Fourth, the elbow radian of handrails should be suitable. Generally, the handrail should be between 5cm-6cm and the walls should not be too wide or too narrow, too narrow. It will make the hands touch the walls. If too wide, it may make the elderly and the disabled careless. Therefore, the good quality medical anti collision handrail is made of stainless steel pipe with 2mm thickness above the engineering plastic or synthetic plastic with antibacterial function. There are no plastic burrs and joints on the surface, and the handle is very comfortable.

          How to be a qualified medical handrail?

          First, the surface should have antiskid plastic particles.

          Secondly, the qualified medical armrest should be made of NBS plastic, NBS as an environmentally-friendly material and NBS as an antibacterial material.

          Third, the wall thickness of the stainless steel tube is more than 2mm, and the vertical pressure does not produce the bending.

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