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          Characteristics of no obstacle handrail in old toilet

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          Characteristics of no obstacle handrail in old toilet

          Release date:2017-11-09 Author: Click:

          The characteristics of no obstacle armrest in the aged toilet:

          The first is anti slip, the unique anti slip granule handshake design, gives you more practical care, more vitality and ensure safety. The high-quality nylon handshake allows users to enjoy comfortable feel, high surface finish and no hole surface treatment to ensure a good product impression.

          Second: to prevent the poisonous, effective against Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus Streptococcus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and other common harmful bacteria to create a safe space for your health.

          Third: no cadmium and lead, to ensure the safety of the human body, materials can be recycled in the use of green environmental requirements.

          Fourth: the antistatic properties of nylon make the product do not absorb dust, easy to clean, use high quality nylon insulators and give you more body protection.

          Fifth: every product, our RNO Ni barrier handrails fully take into account the actual needs of customers, design safety products, and provide you with five star experience.

          Sixth: the surface color is 5mm thick nylon proprietary UV and anti-aging technology to make its life cycle longer. Various color configurations make you choose the favorite one and bring it into your personality space.

          The steps to install the armrest of the old toilet:

          1: the need to install the handrails placed in position, with a pencil or pen in order to draw in the installing hole marking, handrail installation height as required, generally 80 cm from the ground around.

          2: drill holes in the mark with the drill of electric drill, the hole is about 6 centimeters deep. The wall with ceramic tiles needs to be processed in advance. The common ceramic tiles are drilled with 8 centimeter bits, and the glass bits need to be drilled with glass bits.

          3: put the plastic expansion pipe into the pre drilling hole, hammer it to the wall and flush it, if you can't knock it in, you can eliminate the uneven part with the blade.

          4: put the armrest in the corresponding position, energetically screw into the expansion pipe with the screw of distribution, and the stability of the test after the installation is finished, so as to ensure the safety of the use. Toilet handrail for the disabled:

          Antibacterial nylon products are produced by German technology and German raw materials, containing highly active antibacterial elements, and have significant antibacterial efficacy to many common bacteria.

          The detection rate of some bacteria is up to 99.99% after testing by the national first level testing institutions. The detection standard is: GB 15979-2002, the test method of bacteriostatic and bactericidal properties and stability of products.

          The material is made of 5mm thick, high quality nylon material and 2mm thick stainless steel pipe. The pipe connection is connected by M8 stainless steel core, and the diameter is 35.5mm, which is more durable and the strength is more secure.

          Introduction of the handrail for the disabled people's toilet:

          The antibacterial nylon safety handrail of the disabled toilet is made up of high quality colored antibacterial nylon and stainless steel pipes. It is designed for the disabled, the elderly, the sick, the pregnant woman and the incompetent persons.

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