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          What do you need to pay attention to the installation of the bathroom for the anti-collision handrail?

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          What do you need to pay attention to the installation of the bathroom for the anti-collision handrail?

          Release date:2017-09-04 Author: Click:

          The reform of disabled persons for the disabled:

          1. Reform of family free facilities for the families of disabled persons

          (1) for the disabled people living on the first floor and without staircase handrails, the staircase handrail is installed for them; barrier free ramps are built at the periphery of residential buildings, courtyards and unit doors, so that handicapped people can achieve barrier free access in their own courtyards and living rooms.

          (2) to install the grip and armrest for the bathroom (bathroom).

          (3) to install bath stools in the bathroom or to configure bath chairs and antiskid pads.

          (4) for a family of disabled persons with a need and fit for the installation conditions, a seat or modification of a chair for it is configured for it.

          The special bathroom for the disabled should be set up at the public toilet or in the proper place, and the special toilet can replace the disabled toilet position in the public toilet. The toilet door, the door should be opened outside the door open, after the passage of the net width of not less than 0.80M, the door handle should be used to cross the handle, door locks should be installed outside the door latch door can be used, in the inside of the door leaf should be closed in hand.

          Armrest of Chongqing

          1. The handrails should be set up on the slopes, staircases and the two sides of the two pole steps and the three sides of the elevator. The handrail should be kept consistent.

          2, the shape, size and color of the handrail of the disabled should be easy to identify and grasp. The size of the handrail section should be 35mm to 50mm, and the clearance between the armrest and the wall is 40mm.

          3, the ramp, staircase and step armrest at the starting point and end point should extend above 0.30m level.

          4. The handrails of the disabled should choose high quality wood or other good materials. The armrest must be installed sturdy and should be able to bear the weight of the body.

          5, toilet seat ground should be smooth, not smooth and no water, no height difference, PEG high 1.20m in the toilet seat inside.

          6, the diameter of the grab bar is 32mm to 40mm, and the inside distance from the wall is 40mm. The grab bar should be installed firmly, and the weight of the body should be able to bear.

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